RMNP With Friends (photos)

What fun to host old friends visiting from Oregon a few weeks ago. We spent a day touring the Rocky Mountain National Park, following Trail Ridge Road to the Alpine Visitor Center where Richard and I got engaged ten years ago. Of course we stopped at several lookouts on the way up and back. It was by far the best weather I’ve seen up there with no ominous clouds  rolling in at lunch time. Our intention was to hike around Sprague Lake in the afternoon but spending over two hours at the Visitor Center and slowly enjoying the observation points left us no time to spare getting home to host our church cell group that evening. (We arrived with fifteen minutes to spare!) We gave our guests directions to Sprague Lake and left them to finish up the afternoon by themselves before continuing their journey toward Colorado Springs.

IMG 5224 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)We climbed The Dam Store tower heading into the canyon

IMG 5225 225x300 RMNP With Friends (photos)Gabriel enjoyed climbing rocks wherever we stopped

IMG 5228 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Melody in the mountains

IMG 5233 225x300 RMNP With Friends (photos)Gabriel and his dad, possibly at Many Parks Curve?

IMG 5234 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Mama and Trevor, at Many Parks Curve?

IMG 5235 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Jaron climbing around too

IMG 5236 225x300 RMNP With Friends (photos)Gabriel and Melody make it to the top

IMG 5238 225x300 RMNP With Friends (photos)The vastness of RMNP

IMG 5243 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Lightning safety talk at the Visitor Center
Gabriel is wearing raingear and sitting cross-legged on top of a backpack

IMG 5244 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)View probably from the Gore Range viewpoint

IMG 5247 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Field of elk

IMG 5248 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Melody and Trevor at Rock Cut, one of my favorite viewpoints

IMG 5249 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)All of us at Rock Cut

IMG 5251 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Marmot peeking out from the rocks

IMG 5252 300x225 RMNP With Friends (photos)Trevor and the Continental Divide (the section straight above his head)
This is my favorite picture of the day!

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