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Our hearts are full. Melody and I spent the six days between Christmas and New Year building a house for a single mom in Reynosa, Mexico. Brenda has four children ages 7 down to 11 …

How To Make A Curious George Birthday Cake

When Trevor turned 4, he was so excited to have a Curious George birthday party. I figured a monkey-face cake couldn’t be *that* difficult… but all it takes is a Google search to …

Granola 777

The 777 represents the bake time combination, flavor perfection, and infinite variety possible.


  • 1/4 C butter (1/2 stick)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 C honey
  • 2 T brown sugar


  • 4 C rolled grains (oats

Aspen Vision

heart-leaves drying, rustling
in filling wind, falling to earth, grounding
of course I love you

I love you like sunshine
makes my closed eyelids glow red
warms the air and my forehead
defines the dancing …

Black Hills Gold

Camping in South Dakota – pics only until I have more time…
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July 5-8, 2012…

Mount Bierstadt, Been There, Done That

I climbed my second 14er at the end of June: Mount Bierstadt, elevation 14,060 feet. Wow, what a beautiful ascent with a great group of hikers from Northern Colorado Adventurers. We started hiking at …

Jackson Lake vs. The Big Tent

We took our first camping trip in the big “new” (garage sale) 10×16 Coleman Oasis cabin tent at Jackson Lake State Park last weekend! I’ve never had a good time camping with a three-year-old… until …

Stone Mountain Fog

I joined Northern Colorado Adventurers to climb 14ers. Booyah. Each spring they warm up with several “training hikes” like this one, which was posted as a hike to Sheep Mountain on the Round Mountain trail. …

Emergency Exit

Yesterday I published Emergency Exit, my first guest post for the “honest moms” blog, Get Born. Be warned, it isn’t pretty. It’s a remake of Escape, an account of a climactic exit …

My First WOD

WOD: Workout Of the Day.

I did my first CrossFit WOD today! Rowing machine 2K, 40 wall balls (12#), row 1K, 35 wall balls, row 500m, 25 wall balls, all this in just 34 minutes …